“The surface of the water breaks again and countless small waves rush across the lake. The vibrations slowly subside again, but before the water comes to a complete stillness, he throws yet another stone. Desperation flares up in his eyes and he roars again at the dark waters: ‘Who am I? Tell me!’ But the lake remains silent, its only answer to the bitter throwing of the stones is the turbulent play of the waves. Stone by stone, only circles remain, slowly spreading across the face of the lake. But he doesn't give in. Again and again his question echoes across the deep: ‘Who am I?’ 
Hours pass and slowly the moon bathes the surface of the water in its silver glow. His tired legs tremble, a stone slips from his exhausted hand and he sinks to his knees. He quietly curses the lake for denying him his identity, but he no longer has the strength to yell or throw stones at it. He gives up. Outworn and with tears in his eyes, he lowers his head. Suddenly he jerks back in bewilderment. Without the constant bouncing of the stones, the lake now lies calmly before him. The water remains still. And for the first time — the lake shows him who he really is.”

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